Collection: Waist-beads

Checkout our hand-made waist-beads that are created to embody the following

  • Body Adornment.
  • Fertility & Yoni Wellness. 
  • Aids in Healing & Spirituality. 
  • Waist-training & Weight-loss tracking. 
  • Embracing your Sexuality & Sensuality.
  • You can have your waist-beads created based on the intentions you want them to embody. The color of each bead embodies a specific meaning. 

Traditional waist-beads are created via TIE-ON. This means they are created with thread and their TIED ON around your waist. Meaning that they can only be taken off if their CUT OFF or they POP OFF. Yes, waist-beads can POP if you GAIN too much weight around the mid section of if they are pulled on or even get snagged on by something sharp.

We also, created waist-beads with stretchy cord. Most people like their waist-beads created this way, because they are new to wearing waist-beads. This style of waist-bead is usually created with a Barrel clasp that allows the owner to screw the waist-beads on and off when they need too. 

Customer have the option to have their waist-beads created either way.