What is Waist beads by Yaya about?

Waist beads by Yaya is a online store the offers Waist beads, Bracelets, anklets and plenty other accessories. WBY is where you can have your customized ideas brought to life. WBY is the place for you. Shop now!


How to measure yourself!

  • Take a measurement tape and start measuring on the area or part of your waist where you intend to wear or let it lay on.

  • Remember to measure against the bare skin which means that every layer of the clothing is removed.

  • For the measurement, wrap the measurement tape towards the naval and snugly fit it without tightening or digging into any part of the skin.

  • Must give a read to your measurement tape via looking over at the area of the measurement tape that begins to meet the other end of the measurement tape.

  • Double check the process if still in doubt.


What kind of Waist beads do you offer?

Waist beads by Yaya offers such waist beads as Tie-on and Barrel Clasps.

  • Tie- on :Waist beads are traditional waist beads were you tie- on and cut. These particular waist beads are semi-permanent. The only come off if their cut off or pop off.

  • Barrel clasp: The barrel clasp provides customers with the option to screw on/off their waist beads whenever they feel.

Do the colors have meaning?

Yes, the colors do have meanings.

  1. Black – Marriage, regeneration and protector.

  2. Blue – Devotion, fidelity, and Truth.

  3. Brown – Practicality, security, and down to earth.

  4. Gold – Good health, power and wealth.

  5. Green – Abundance, fertility, nature and prosperity.

  6. Orange – Courage, self confidence and energetic.

  7. Pink – Care, beauty, love, femininity, healing and friendship. 

  8. Purple – Royalty, spirituality and wisdom

  9. Red – Self-Confidence, vitality, physical love, and strong emotion.

  10. Turquoise – Communication and self awareness

  11. White –Spiritual love,virginity, purity and open to the universe energy.

  12. Yellow – Energy, wealth, knowledge and calm.

When will my order arrive?

Once your order is placed. There is a 4 business day turn around time before your order is shipped out.

How long does it take for shipping?

You have the option to choose which shipping option you prefer. We usually ship via USPS, but we also use FEDEX and DHL.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. Shipping rates may apply.

Can the waist beads be worn in the shower?

Yes, your waist beads can be worn in the shower. Keep in mind over time your beads can lose their vibrant colors depending on the colors. We use quality beads, but water can decrease the color of the beads over time. If your Waistbead is created with a barrel clasp you have the option to take your beads off.

Will my waist beads pop?

Your waist beads can possible pop for the following reason below.

  1. If you order the wrong size waist beads and their too tight they will eventually pop.

  2. If you pull on them rough your waist beads will pop. Their created with 100% hemp cord.

  3. If your waist beads get caught to something like your zipper on your pants or anything sharp. They will pop.

  4. If you had your waist beads for a long period of time eventually they will pop.

Waistbeads will rise up if you gain weight. If you lose weight you beads will drop down to your waist. 

Hope we answered all of your questions.